Current session: Monday, January 7 - Wednesday, March 13

Please contact Judith to find out which class will be best for you 
and to check availability

Please contact Judith with any questions 

You are welcome to come for a free trial class 
or join us for the rest of the session.
Contact Judith for availability. 

5:30pm      Strengthening Yoga                  FMH

5:45pm      Gentle Yoga                             TBO
7:30pm      Gentle Yoga                             TBO

10:00am    Gentle Yoga                             FMH
5:30pm      Women’s Mixed Level Yoga        TBO
7:30pm      Strengthening Yoga                  TBO

All classes are taught by Judith Valerie

Thursday, Friday, & Weekends
Private Classes for individuals and small groups

Class locations
Two convenient locations in Raleigh:

North Raleigh  ~  Temple Beth Or (TBO) ~ 5315 Creedmoor Road                                 
Cameron Village 
 ~  Friends Meeting House (FMH) ~ 625 Tower Street

                                           Map of Classes

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