How Do We Talk About Race?

Race relations have emerged as a key issue in 2020, affecting all our lives. It can be difficult for us to discern the best approaches for educating ourselves around racial issues. Which books, podcasts, articles, and sources to trust?  And what exactly am I supposed to “do?” 

How can our yoga help us grapple and grow? Yoga helps us get centered and stay present amidst the challenges and discomforts of change. As we learn to settle our minds it becomes easier to listen and learn. Our prayerful intentions and yoga practice help us to cultivate the courage to take actions that are in line with our values.

We cannot hold this pose alone. Indeed, I don’t believe we are meant to. We need each other’s encouragement, support and best thinking as we learn and grow. In yoga, this process of mutual support and dialogue is called satsang.

In the spirit of satsang, I’m sharing a few resources I have found helpful. I would also like to develop dialogue around these issues and how our practices can support us as we grow in this “new world.” 

This list of resources is just a beginning. Please add to it. Let us know what you have found to be helpful. Don’t be shy! Silence and fears can keep us stuck.

~ Talking About Race 
An exploratory article from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture

~ How Do We Talk About Race? 
A talk by Meditation teacher Tara Brach

~ White Fragility 
A best-selling book by Robin DiAngelo

~ Healing Racial Trauma 
In this video,
 the author and trauma specialist Resmaa Menakem explains how we store trauma in our bodies and how body-centered practices enable us to heal.

On Being  
Krista Tippet interviews Resmaa Menakem
, June 4 2020

~ Ten Percent
These podcasts are
 short guided meditations and discussions with meditation teachers. Created during the pandemic and led by Dan Harris of ABC news, Nightline and Good Morning America. 


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