Current session:  Monday, October 28 - Wednesday, December 18

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5:30pm      Strengthening Yoga                  FMH

5:45pm      Gentle Yoga                             TBO
7:30pm      Gentle Yoga                             TBO

10:00am    Gentle Yoga                             FMH 
5:30pm      Womens Mixed Level                TBO
7:30pm      Strengthening Yoga                  TBO

All classes are taught by Judith Valerie

Thursday, Friday, & Weekends
Private Classes for individuals and small groups

Class locations
Two convenient locations in Raleigh:

North Raleigh  ~  Temple Beth Or (TBO) ~ 5315 Creedmoor Road                                 
Cameron Village 
 ~  Friends Meeting House (FMH) ~ 625 Tower Street

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